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Where is the Owner info stored.  We need to create a query that filters the Website Based on the current Owner?

Hi Patch’

Im not using the website plugin, but i guess that your website owner is your customer right?

If so, must be  ucmp_customer table in the database you must query on



I’m using the term Owner because I’ve changed the terminology in my UCM setup but the original term is Staff that is assigned to the Customer.

Actually I’ve looked and it is not on the Customer Record.  It is a 1 to many relationship so you can have several Staff attached to a Customer.  I’m trying to figure out how to set a filter on the Customer Table for only the Customers for the currently logged in person!

I see, you should activate debug mode on your page so you an see all queries done on it. maybe it will help,  is Around ucmp_user and user_role maybe ?

Good luck on this,



I sure could use an answer to this, it is holding up our development for a few weeks now!!! As you know, weeks in the IT world can be a lifetime!

We need to know how to query website for the staff assignment!


BUMP!!! Asked 1.5 months ago, would really like to know the answer!!!

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