Filter by Group on Customer Websites

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It would be nice to have Filter by Group on Customer Website list. I already added this to my version but I think this should be general update. I think you just missed it in some point. Similar functionality can be found on Customer List.

Anyway it is really easy to add to plugin_website

So on file: website.php

in function get_websites();

around line 262 I think just before:
// tie in with customer permissions to only get jobs from customers we can access.

just add:

if(isset($search['group_id']) && trim($search['group_id'])){
$str = (int)$search['group_id'];
$from .= " LEFT JOIN
"._DB_PREFIX."group_member` gm ON (u.website_id = gm.owner_id)";
$where .= " AND (gm.group_id = '$str' AND gm.owner_table = 'website')";

and on the website_admin_list.php
around line 169 just before echo module_form::search_bar($search_bar); ?>

just add:

$search_bar['elements']['group_id'] = array(
'title' => _l('Group:'),
'field' => array(
'type' => 'select',
'name' => 'search[group_id]',
'value' => isset($search['group_id'])?$search['group_id']:'',
'options' => module_group::get_groups('website'),
'options_array_id' => 'name',
'blank' => _l(' - Group - '),

Hope this can be implemented in the future update.

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lonwiFilter by Group on Customer Websites