Files in folder custom not recognized

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I’m trying to customize the job task list for emails. To achieve this I copied /includes/plugin_job/pages/job_public.php to /custom/includes/plugin_job/pages/job_public.php.

Unfortunately editing the file in the custom folder doesnt do anything. I followed the steps as described in this Wiki: The only thing I can image that this perhaps doesnt work when running Ultimate Client Manager on a subdomain?!?

Any clues?

Some files are still not setup for customization sorry. The latest update will now work with the file ‘job_public.php’ in the /custom/ folder 🙂

Thanx for the response. I ran all available upgrades and I still had the custom job_public.php in the /custom/ folder. Unfortunately it still isnt read and I had to do my customizations in the main file again.

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phutureFiles in folder custom not recognized