File Upload to Quotes

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Would like to be able to upload a file(s) to the specific quote area. In my case, I send my clients a contract with the quote so that they can review and sign. It would be very helpful if we could upload this to the specific quote so it stays with the quote. Without this, for my purpose, I can’t really use the quotes section since I have to email them the contract anyway – I just put the quote as part of the email.

Thank you!

There’s a new quote feature coming for UCM. It has the ability to attach a file to a quote.

Awesome!!! Thank you!!

Details here:

This is the first release. The next release (really soon!) will have the ability to convert a Quote into a Job.

Thanks much – I have been playing with this, but I don’t see the file upload ability in the quotes. Is that something that is included, or do we need to upload files via the general Customer files? Thank you!

Nevermind – I am blind – saw it 🙂

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