File Upload button doesnt work.

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It just doesn’t trigger the upload popup window. Nada happens. Anyone else experiencing this problem?


I have exactly this problem which has recently happened on 2 systems – one pro and one light.

Don’t know when this started – all I know is that it was working and isn’t now.

I am getting the same php errors for both sites:

PHP Warning: sprintf(): Too few arguments in /path to site/web/includes/functions.php on line 475

I even have problems with the download link, depending on where you click it, you either get the file or an upload pop up box

I think that Dave has fixed the upload problem now. I had a ticket reply to say it was in the latest update, and one of my customers has gone crazy uploading photos, so the upload issue is fixed.

Yep file upload should be sorted. Send in a support ticket if you’re still struggling.

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dpeekFile Upload button doesnt work.