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Earlier today I noticed that a customer left file comments (via the message in the dashboard), is there a way for the system to send me an email when this happens (like it does for tickets/discussions/etc.)? Luckily I noticed it on the dashboard, but always helpful to have an email. This might be a setting already that I am not aware of – I didn’t notice a file_comments setting in “advanced” or anything similar.


Setup a new “sub-admin” account, as automatic email alerts wont work for the super user (user id 1). Give the sub-admin full permissions to access all customers/files.

Setup a User Role that has “Receive File Comment Alerts” ticked. Assign this new sub-admin account to this User Role.

Any file comments will now be emailed to that sub-admin.

However if there is an “Assigned Staff” member on the File, that staff member will receive notifications rather than all staff members (if that makes sense).

Thanks so much! I will give that a try.

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