File Approval System

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The “Receive File Comment Alerts” only works when the customer is logged into UCM. For example: If I click the “Email For Approval” button which sends a email to the customer with a link to the “file_approval_view” template. The customer can approve or add comments, but if the customer isn’t logged into UCM, there will be no auto generated email to the assigned staff member. This system would be better if a comment or if the file is approved, an email is sent to the staff member assigned to that client even if the customer isn’t logged in. A reject this file button would be a great addition also.

Totally agree, also is there a way to get an alert in the dashboard if the client has added a comment?

those would be awesome!

dtbaker, I need and idea on how much this would cost to be implemented and how long. I would consider paying the total amount for this if the price is right! $100, $200?????

Would be extremely useful!

If my customer approves files while not logged in and then logs in an error shows up that says “File notification email not sent user id 1”. Does that mean there is something wrong on my user role?

+1M. I want it!

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