Few improvements (dashboard, tickets, jobs, wiki)

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Hi David,

Using for few days now UCM and still says how amazing it is. Here are some improvements that i think could be useful :

Dashboard : The dashboard is available for Finance reports only. I would be great to be able to customize the dashboard regarding your needs. Custom messages for users or group of users, access to FAQ or (my personal concern) charts on ticketing system : open tickets per type/department etc.. I could detail you this if interested.

Ticket System :

Once a ticket is market as resolved, it should not be able to be modified by users, in order to maintain a good customer relation history.

Job Import :

Cannot use custom fields on job ipmortation it seems. For example, i work with another database, with its own customer id, and the only way to link a job to a customer during import is his name. This can be tricky with all the John smithes of the world ! 🙂

Last but not Least :

I think that we could start a great user cooperative user manual project, if interested in, I’m willing to help.

Keep up the good work,


+1 on the wiki, would be helpful to have more docs available since UCM has so much to offer.

I have setup a very basic documentation area. Logged in users can edit these documentation pages, kinda like a wiki.


Feel free to start adding some documentation, or wait until next week after I start adding some documentation.


Just fixed the cooperative user manual (wiki) up so it’s working again:


Great Suggestions! I also love the idea of a custom Dashboard – it would be nice to have an area on there to promote special packages/specials as well so Customers see them.

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UCM-TEVOFew improvements (dashboard, tickets, jobs, wiki)