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Hello! I’d like to somehow “embed” the FAQ section in my WordPress site with my CSS instead of iframing it. Any pointers?

I want to do this with my own WordPress website so will include it in a future update. Currently it would be possible by creating a custom plugin that read from the FAQ database manually.

I’m playing around with FAQ embedding here:


Still have to work out a way to perform searching

Awesome!!!! This is the BEST project management solution for us small/mid-sized creative shops I’ve ever used. I’ve been looking for 10+ years for something that suits our needs to a “T”. The only thing I could ask for besides the FAQ WordPress plugin (or code to embed besides the iframe) and some way to integrate the change request feature with uploaded files/document. Thanks for all the hard work!

Here’s the plugin code if you know what you’re doing


make sure you change

$this->ucm_url = "http://dtbaker.net/admin/";

to the url of your own system

Is it possible to use same method you used to pull FAQs but instead pull tickets? I was thinking of a way to display open/resolved tickets inside wordpress for logged in user based on the users email and match it to their record inside UCM.

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