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Hi David,

Just came back from a CRM Fair in Paris, regarding CRM, i would say that social CRM is now the top concern of all Customer managers. Just saw some tools for example that are connected to facebook :

When a member  of your community post a message on your Facebook Wall, or when it send you a message through it, it is automaticaly  send as an email to your CRM, so your team can handle it, and your answer is directly posted on facebook.

I’m aware it’s not a 5 min dev, but you should definitely consider this !

Hope it helps,


Facebook integration would be awesome, nice recommendation bouch. +1

Got some big (secret) plans along these lines. Stay tuned 😉

excellent, cant wait

Hi david, Great news, cant wait too !

Will send you soon a french translation update inclunding your last ehancements.


Twitter Integration I hope is part of the big secret plans as well; Many companies are creating specific Twitter accounts that would open “tickets” +1 for both Facebook and Twitter

Yes I did try, it was much harder than expected.

I might try again after the Quotes feature is completed.

I want to be able to import Facebook messages and Twitter messages into the existing ‘Ticket’ system. Any replies made to those messages will be posted back to the social website and visa versa. It will be great but quite a lot of work involved 🙂

That would be great.
If you launch a special subscription to help on this special project, i’ll be glad to pay my share.

Great work of you !

This would be great! I wouldn’t mind a way for facebook to open a ticket with us but I don’t think I would want the replies posted back to the public wall. Some of the dealings I have that I use this great system for are delicate to say the least and not for everyone to see.

Plus if it is a very simple question to answer, the user may be embarrassed by others. People can be mean and I really wouldn’t want it all up on facebook. Sometimes you even need to ask for private info such as system passwords etc. Like I said, i don’t mind opening the ticket from facebook, but communications from there should be optional wall post or not.

People, you should have to vote for this !


The basic Facebook area is almost complete, once Facebook and Twitter are working we will send out a release for everybody to use.


After Facebook and Twitter we will look at adding Google+/YouTube along with WordPress comments.

Similar to Hootsuite, but starting out much more basic.

dt, your work ceases to amaze, well done and may many sales continue to follow 🙂

Love it 🙂 Can you make like plan when at what day and time you want to post msg on what network?

Adding function to Newsletter with posting short msgs on Social Network when you send you newsletters to customers

Btw can you add auto-responder to Newsletter as well?

Thanks so much – I ran the upgrade as well as the manual upgrade, but the Social plugin doesn’t appear in the upgrade, nor in the “User Permissions”…any ideas on why it didn’t upgrade? It didn’t give me any options to check in the manual upgrade and in the list of what is installed, the social tools are not listed.
Thanks for your help – it looks like it will be awesome!

Hmm it should appear in the list, maybe send through a quick email support ticket with some temporary UCM login details and we can check out why it isn’t showing for you.

Thanks so much – I tried running the upgrade again, and now it showed up – which is strange, but it is working now 🙂

Great, I’ve tested many different combinations of Facebook/Twitter messages and it all seems to be ok. But if you find anything that doesn’t show up in the “Social Inbox” that should please let me know.

Gonna install and test it today !!!!

Thanks for you great work!

It seems like nobody cares about it except me, but using Whitelable theme, upgrading is making all line much thicker and not as good lookin as it was

Here is and exemple :

Before : http://awesomescreenshot.com/0c62m0jq6e

After upgrading : http://awesomescreenshot.com/0b82m0i5c1

For some reason this is still buggy for me. When using twitter, I can create it and tweet it but UCM does not log/show the outgoing tweet. Because I have facebook connected as well it does see it under the facebook account as posted to the wall.
It did import past tweets correctly and I’ve archived them, but nothing new is showing up. And yes I gave it full permissions on the app.

As for facebook, I created a post, sent it and off it went into cyberspace. It never made it to the facebook wall. I’ve tried 2 different accounts, yes they import past posts but nothing new.

Lastly, even though I archived the messages the “Social” button still counts all messages ie 47, but when you goto the inbox its empty as well as each individual accounts.

Am I the only one experiencing these issues? I’m using a white label if that makes any difference

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