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Any news on adding Extra Fields with the private/hidden function. It would be really great if you could also have “show in all templates” function as well.

Please explain how this private option would work

Currently when admin adds a extra field all customers and staff can see it. It would be nice when a admin adds a extra field it could be set as private so only the admin can see it. The “show in all templates” is what I really like, so I could create extra fields and select both private as well “show in all templates”. You could then add the extra field variable to all templates and say your cell number changes you just update the extra field only because its linked to all the templates you don’t have to open 20+ templates and make the cell number change. I see the extra field variable option “show in all templates” or “Create variable” for several applications like newsletters and the hopefully soon the contract generator.

is it possible to sort extra field in ascending and descending order. i have created date as extra field in LEADS. i want sort this column kindly guide me to do this

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