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Hello, I am trying to delete some extra fields I created awhile ago that have been replaced by the “Lead” system.

I am going to Settings/Extra Fields/ I select the field and hit delete/confirm. It states “Deleted Successfully” but when I return to the Extra Field list it is still there (just moved down to the bottom).

When I go to (in this case) a Customer, the fields are still there – so they didn’t delete 🙁

Fixed and added a little new feature, the extra field system hasn’t had a new feature in a while.

Details in the blog: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/2014/12/22/extra-fields-updates-dates-and-bug-fixes/

(ran out of time to add a “dashboard reminder” feature for extra date fields, maybe another day, could be useful for things like renewals – show a dashboard alert on on date XX/XX/XXXX etc.. )

Awesome – thanks so much!

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savioExtra Fields > Delete Not Working