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I have created a user role named as ‘staff ‘ and I haven’t given access to see the quote or the price given by me to my clients. when I log in as staff, I was unable to see the quote or the price which is perfect BUT when i click view the job in external link. The staff  user, who doesn’t have permission to view the price can see the price now in external job link – please fix this or let me know how to set up from my end.

Please try grabbing a copy of the latest “job” update.

There should be a new permission for “view” on “Job Advanced”

This will hide the entire “Advanced” area within job, including the Customer External Link.

Hopefully that helps a bit!

Thanks for the great work Mr.baker…

You and your team is rocking… great support and development…

I just Updated and verified the changes.

I can’t stop saying ‘AWESOME’ guys….  That is a great solution for my problem.

Meanwhile I will workout couple of wire-frames for files module as my further requirement,  which I believe is not only my requirement this will make the product more useful for the other users as-well. As most of the users might be designers. The files management area need a bit of tweak. I will share my thoughts and you guys decide on what to do and what not to do 🙂 As usual you guys will rock I believe….. 🙂

If you guys coming to London any-time let me know I’ll buy you guys a beer… 😉


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