SQL Error when logging in as a client

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Hi there,

Getting an error whenever I log in as anything else than a super user…. This was after the last update.

this is the error:

SQL Error: Not unique table/alias: ‘u’ SELECT c.*, c.customer_id AS id, u.user_id, u.name, u.last_…

Thank you for letting me know. A fix for this is now available.

Hi there,

Thanks for the quick reply. Ive installed the updates and now all the users and contacts appear in the dropdown for a task. However, I added a new user and it dosent appear in the dropdown?


Any ideas?

Hi – I just did an upgrade and I am getting this error message on my


SQL Error: Table ‘mediagat_support.mg_customer_user_rel’ doesn’t exist SHOW FIELDS FROM `mg_customer_user_rel`
SQL Error: Table ‘mediagat_support.mg_customer_user_rel’ doesn’t exist SELECT *,`user_id` AS id FROM `mg_customer_user_rel` WHERE 1

I think if you do a manual upgrade this will go away…

yep and its gone …. 🙂 thanksss

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brownd92SQL Error when logging in as a client