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The format of the embed ticket uses <table>.  If I change it to <input> tags, etc… not tables will that work?

Tables and inputs are completely different things. Table simply helps layout form fields, like a skeleton. The actual <input> fields are the form fields that user uses to enter data.

Sorry, should of made the question more clear.  I’m trying to use the embed ticket form on my website and the form is setup with table attributes td.. th.. tr.. etc.  I want to only use <p>, <span> and input tags for the embed form.  Can I use those tags as long as I have the <form> and will this still function correctly without the table attributes if/when I delete them.

I would think it should work.. Try it out and report back…


Yep as long as the form tags and input tags are named the same you can use any other type of markup when customising the Page. Good luck!

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