Embed Feature for File Approval

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Hello, I have a client using this for a video production company – and a suggestion that work really well for them – and others including web designers.

For the Files we can upload and drag and drop (which is awesome), or swapt to url and add a direct url, but if there was an option to “embed” something (such as a youtube video or Vimeo file), we can show an embedded video into the the system so it shows the video in the system window and comments can be made and approval can be done (without leaving the UCM system).

Currently, we can add a direct link through the “Swap to URL” but that takes you away from the system and it doesn’t play too well in the files overview menu.

As a work around, I have them uploading a placeholder graphic, and putting the link in the File Description, but an embed option would be a huge help!

It also occurred to me that some of what could be embedded/would want to be embedded might be set to private and only a private link be available.

It would be helpful to have both the embed option as well as an iframe option that someone could insert an external link and it will create an iframe for it, displaying the page/link in the Ucm file approval window so you don’t leave the system.

Here are a couple images to help with the concept.

#1: swap to Links could include “Embed” and “iFrame”…or this could be a drop down list.
UCM Embed

Once the item is clicked, they can enter the URL or embed code (similar to the Swap to URL link) and the File will take on the selected behavior:

#2: Embed
If the embed link is what is used, the embedded file will appear in the File Details window, where comments and approval can be given.

UCM Embed

#3: iFrame
If the iFrame link is what is used, the url will appear in the iFrame and will appear in the File Details window, where comments and approval can be given.

UCM Embed

If we just use the “URL” option then I can create an automatic embed feature for certain links.

e.g. if it’s a youtube link, show a youtube embed of that video. if it’s vimeo, show the vimeo embed player.

Would that work?

Yep that should – would it then embed that url into an iframe? That would be great!

Is this something that might be added in? I know you mentioned you could create the automatic embed feature for youtube and vimeo links?

Many thanks!

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