Email Ticket System Not Working

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Hello David,

I read the post on how to setup email ticketing system but wasn’t able to set it up.

I also read this post in forum and tried everything but still no luck.

I was able to setup thunderbird using the same settings as UCM. Here is the screenshot. Any idea what am i doing wrong? Thanks!

Error i am getting after clicking test button
“Connecting to {}INBOX ”
“Connecting to {}INBOX ”

I wasn’t able to register here before, hence, submitted a ticket #006041 with my UCM support center login info. I will close that if i get response here before.

Thank you!!!

Waiting for a reply for a week… Please let me know if you can provide support for this particular issue. Thx


Sorry I cannot login using the provided details in the support ticket.

Maybe try or ? I’m not sure if is a correct address.


Glad to hear from you. I just updated the password, try this password : ******** with same user name within the ticket #006041.

gmail and googlemail are both by Google’s Gmail. I setup thunderbird with googlemail domain. Nevertheless, i just changed it to within UCM but unfortunately same result!

I also have regular email that i can use for support system, if necessary. ***********, but outcome is the same.


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samhudsonEmail Ticket System Not Working