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Fully functional email support tickets. Import mail via POP3/IMAP. Create ticket numbers. Autoreplies. Assign tickets to support staff members. Reply via email or web.


I have problems making this funcions work, is this supposed to be the kind of email ticket support that you can replay to an email address and the ticket would automaticly refresh his state?

Like if you have a ticket number 092382, if you send an email to “” that would come to my ticket dashboard, and email address? Like hostings companys do?


Please see here for an explanation on UCM Support Tickets: HOWTO: Setup UCM Email Support Tickets.

Please post any support ticket feature requests over in the feature request section of the forum



where can I translate this?
Ticket Number: 000001
Ticket Status: Nuevo
Your position in the support queue: 1 out of 1.
Estimated time for a reply: within 5 days
You can view the status of your support query at any time by following this link:
View Ticket 000001 History Online

and also, where can I translate the public ticket form?

Hello proventa,

Please see Settings > Templates > “ticket_countainer”

The public ticket form can be translated by the normal language file. If translations are missing from that file please just add them into the language file like:

‘Your Name’=>’Translation’,
‘Your Email’=>’Translation’,
‘Ticket Details’=>’Translation’,

Alternatively,┬áIf you want to customise this ticket submit form, please open the ticket submit form and “View Source” in your web browser. Save this source to a file (eg: ticket.html) and upload it to your website (eg: Test this form works on your website. If it works, open this form up in a web development tool (eg: PhpStorm, Dreamweaver or Notepad) and edit the form to suit your needs. As long as all the FORM and INPUT tags are left the same then the form should work. This way you can customise the form to look however you like (ie: match your website style).


One problem with this, if customer makes an error on the customised form (such as missing a required field), the page reloads to the default form page – ext.php?m=ticket&h=public_new and not whatever styled / embedded page it was called on your website.

I have put bug report and asked about this in support weeks ago so shall also put it here so you might notice it.

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