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Hello, I am looking at using/adapting UCM for a non-profit site, but I am looking to see how much it might cost for someone to develop a donation module for it. I would love for the non-profit to be able to take advantage of some of the other great tools of UCM: Files, Newsletter, etc. but I would need a Donor module too.

This is what I am looking for:

Basically a way that someone can make a donation to the non-profit through UCM (I would like to add a link on the store itself so they can create an account if they don’t have one), as well as create reoccurring donations – via the reoccurring payments). UCM’s current payment options should all be utilized. The admin would also need to be able to manually add in donations sent in via mail, or through other means. Here is where it gets a bit more custom:

I would need the module to list all of their past donations, and then give them the ability to print out a letter for taxes (controlled via template) that will allow them to select the tax year and the total amount that they gave. I would like to automate it so that this letter also automatically generates/emails out once a year (on date specified).

Is this a module anyone is interested in developing? (@Patchworks, I know you do a lot of UCM development – is this in your scope of expertise?).

If so, can someone give me a price quote? Thanks!

Couple other small things with this: The tax letter should list all the donations from the previous year (and the total amount). An automated email should be sent for all donations (thanking them – controlled via template – including the reoccurring donations).

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