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I’m thinking it would be handy to have some sort of document management for literature associated with leads. For example, I am going through some leads right now and I want to contact some of them – I want to introduce myself and use introductory literature – back in the day I would cold call from the phone book and qualified leads would get a ‘packet’ from me.

If I click on a lead I want an option to ‘send introductory literature’ with an option to edit it before hitting send to personalize for that particular lead.

With this functionality there would be a record of any and all lit (email, whatever contact) sent to leads.

So the work flow – click a lead, click ‘sent intro’ and now I am editing a page before I send it….sent. Now in that lead there’s a box checked ‘was sent intro’ and the text is a link to the page(s) sent.

There could also be an option to ‘tickle’ as I am editing whatever I am sending. This would create a task to call the lead in a few days, with a follow up contact 3 months later option, too.

what would also be cool is, in the literature I send there would be an option for them to request a quote that generates a quote and new job for that contact much in the way that the contact form generates a lead.

Of course, any literature sent in an email has tracking auto enabled as well as an ’email has been viewed’ flag.

TLDR: Handy click action to send a lead literature from a common repository in the script; recordable, trackable, option for quote; notes and job generated.

This might be easier to do by allowing the e-mail templates to save an attachment. Then you can create an introductory lead email template that would automatically have the attachment – and it would allow other email templates with attachments…just a thought in case the developer decides to put this in production 🙂

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