Do you guys have an SVN Repository?

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It would be HUGE if you guys have an SVN Repository!!  Or Git!  Please tell me you do?

Yes we do, but it is currently private.

Man, that would be AWESOME if customers could have access to the SVN so we could integrate with our custom apps…  As soon as I saw this product I bought it.  We have spent several thousand dollars in the past few months developing a system like this for our inhouse development.  And it still doesn’t do half what you guys have accomplished. As of tonight we have halted our current development to integrate this system to our Back-End.

But there are so many customization we need to make to tailor it to our industry.  I would like to maintain the ability to get upgrades without causing a codebase nightmare with our custom changes..  I want to see what options are available to the BIGGER developers that have more industrial resources to them.

Anyway, I’m looking into setting up a Vendor Branch in our SVN and hopefully that will work.  What resources would you guys recommend for our situation?

Our budget was about $15K per years to design and maintain our existings system so I wonder if I can partner up and pay you guys to integrate and develop for us.


I have not had experience with vendor branches in SVN sorry. I know there are some perl scripts that can help automate this on the internet somewhere.

I would recommend installing a copy of UCM into a folder on a local development machine (eg: http://localhost/ucm/vendor/)

Then I would commit these files into your SVN as a vendor branch (eg: repos/vendor/ucm/current/)

Then I would update http://localhost/ucm/vendor/ to the latest version once a week or whenever, and commit these files into a new vendor branch (eg: repos/vendor/ucm/updated/)

Then work out a diff between repos/vendor/ucm/current/ and repos/vendor/ucm/updated/ and then you can merge those changes into your custom software.

I think this is the correct way to do it, not sure! I have never done it before. More info here it seems:


Good luck!

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patchworksDo you guys have an SVN Repository?