discount_type error

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Just purchased UCM and running into a few issues., one in particular is:

Notice: Undefined index: discount_type in /var/www/<omited>.com/78d61271-0846-455b-b14d-bede1f9e48c1/includes/plugin_invoice/pages/invoice_admin_edit.php on line 431

Notice: Undefined index: discount_type in /var/www/ on line 1027

Please advise.

Screenshot here:

I would also like to find out how exactly I determine whether or not I’ve installed the PRO version I purchased, as there is no indication of what edition I am currently running.  I can see I am running version: 2.592

I can provide my item purchase code upon request.

Cheers –

Hi jadedgeek,

If you can see the “Newsletter” or “Finance” feature then you have Pro installed.

Please go to Settings > Upgrade and click the “Manual Update” button to resolve this discount_type error.


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jadedgeekdiscount_type error