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Is it possible for you to add a Discounts area to the Quotes Pricing?
for certain customers (Non-Profits/etc.), I give them a price break – but I would rather let them see the full price in the tasks and the discount added in – rather than just put in a discounted rate.

Thanks so much!

It shouldn’t be too hard to add this in. For now though you would have to tick non-billable for each task and do it that way (for a 100% discount). I’ll try to have this added in the next quote update.

Thanks so much! (most of my discounts are partial not full – so that feature would be very helpful!)

savio, For partial discount, I believe you can add a blank item and put description “Discount”, enter a negative value for the amount (say -200), it will reduce the price partially 🙂 Probably trick that dtbaker didn’t even realize himself/herself.

PS: is it possible to add another feature for “Purchase Order” (PO), basically converting Quotes/Invoice into another form but we should be able to change the price, so we can send it to vendor.

cool thanks so much for the tip! I will give it a try!

The trick you made is quite good but a discount in Quotes will be super appreciated!!!

PS: remember to uncheck “task is taxable” otherwise your discount will be more then you want!!!


Just a small update on this… If you set a discount with a negative value in task list the discount will be applied berfore (or after I don’t remember) the Tax calculation…, anyway that’s not good if you need to apply the discount in that way…

This feature is a need!!!

I’m pretty sure Quotes has the Discount feature added now. It should be in the advanced area of the quote.

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