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Is there a way to disable all payment methods for a specific invoice without disabling all payment methods for all invoices?

For some invoices I now link to a URL which does not involve any of the pre-defined payment processors. In theses cases, I want all of the other payment processors disables. However, at the same time, other invoices need to include PayPal , for example.

Is there an option on the left of the invoice page, available payment methods?


Yes that option is present.

In the case where PayPal is enabled under settings–>Payments–>PayPal then it’s not possible to disable PayPal on an individual invoice if PayPal is the only payment method remaining.

For example, let’s say Stripe and Paypal are enabled in the global settings. If I then go into an individual invoice then I could enable Stripe, Paypal and Bank Transfer and save the invoice in that state

Now let’s say I want to switch all of these payment methods off for an individual invoice (but leave PayPal and Stripe enabled globally for other invoices):

1. First, I can disable Bank Transfer – save invoice – no problem

2. Next, I can disable Stripe – save invoice – no problem

3. Finally, I try to disable PayPal – save invoice – PayPal remains enabled.

I think the existing logic requires that at least one payment method be selected in the case where payment methods are available in the global settings.

The only way I can turn off all payment methods at the moment is to turn off all payment methods in the global settings. However, the downside is that this affects all invoices in the system but I only want to disable all payment methods on a sub-set of invoices.

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Latest update should fix the bug that wouldn’t “save” the invoice if no payment methods were selected.

Hi, for me this update had the opposite effect. I am now not able to save any changes to the payment method. All options remain checked. I was able to last night before this latest update. Thanks!


I’ve since upgraded and now encounter the same problem that fritolaydorito has observed.

Fixed in the latest update (and I tested it this time).

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