Delete Templates?

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I added some new templates, but I don’t know how to delete the ones I added. Is there a delete button that I am missing?

There is no “Delete” button for the templates (yet). My suggestion is to just ignore the ones that you are not using. However, if they are really annoying and you want to get rid of them, you can delete them via PHPMyAdmin by going to the ucm_template database and deleting the individual templates from there.

I used this to get rid of an email template I created for my server migration. By deleting it via MyPHP it no longer appears in the Templates or the E-mail templates drop down.

Hopefully this helps!

I have been just ignoring them. A delete button would be great. I could make a feature request… David is really busy…..and as you can see I asked this question on Dec 20th, 2014 and many others and for some reason they get ignored…busy I guess and its been “Resolved”…just ignore them..

no prob – dtbaker enlisted a couple of us on the forums to assist and be “moderators” to help him tackle all the posts/etc., so I marked it as resolved after providing a solution through PHPMyadmin – I do agree that a delete button would be easier – you might want to add that as a feature request. My guess is the reason that there is not one is that you don’t want to risk deleting a system template – but the delete button could just apply to user created templates.

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