DELETE Files off a server - 2nd Request

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I asked this question back in Oct 2013 – and never got a answer

I still have 2 FAILED installs on my server, where I cannot DELETE the install due to Ownership Permissions being set to www:www

I have used chown -hR user filename.php

BUT all I get is access denied

I really do need to DELETE these DEAD files, as I am moving a site off my server –


Forgot to mention – I need to REMOVE all the files in the <DIR>

Ive used putty
ftp and cPanel – all report that the files cannot be deleted due to ownership permissions

am I missing something?

Best to ask the hosting provider to fix the permissions. Tell them you would like the files to be editable by both ftp and php. (Currently only editable by php). They should be able to fix it quickly

Thanks for the super fast response

I provide my own host as a reseller with…
So was using putty, but then realised that I may need to login as SU?? Then found I have forgot my SU password – doh!

Just done a complete backup of my main web host – taken 1/2 a day!
Then updated UCM to find I need to upgrade php 5.2.17 to 5.3!
Arrggghhh – today hasn’t been a good day

defiantly need SU root password now to Vinstall php 5.3
So things are going horribly wrong!

speak soonest

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