Default Value for "Ticket Status"

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I know I would prefer if there was a setting for the Default Value on a Ticket. ¬†I find myself ¬†forgetting to change ticket status to “In Progress” before I reply and it close all my tickets which leads to me losing tickets.

What I personally would rather is tickets specifically stay open until I actually make an effort to close them! That way I don’t lose tickets!

Hi, glad to be back after a terrible moto accdident !

The default value is customisable in advanced settings ==> Advanced settings => ticket_reply_status_id

: set to 0 so default value is empty now, use for different status

Hope that helps


For some reason I change this number and it still sits on resolved.

Me too. I just found this post while searching the forum for an answer.

I changed ticket_reply_status_id from 6 to 5 as UCM_TEVO suggested, but the default status of replies is still resolved.

Anyone find a solution?

It would be nice if they could have this in the settings somewhere rather than changing code. The first time I attempted this, the whole system crashed.

Hello bythebyte –

I found it in the settings, as promised by UCM-TEVO.

However, when I changed ticket_reply_status_id in Settings > Advanced > , the default status of replies did not change.

Is the fact that changing this setting doesn’t affect the default status a bug?

Should I post this in a different area of the forum?

The latest upgrade seems to have fixed this issue.

The forum ‘General Support’ is closed to new topics and replies.

patchworksDefault Value for "Ticket Status"