DataBase Errors after Latest Update

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I’ve tried to get to the manual upgrade button but I get this a blank white page with “Create First Backup”. Page load stalls and creates SQL Errors. I’ve tried to play around with the DB but not progress. Need this fixed asap.

Could you please send through a support ticket with an example of the SQL errors, we can let you know how to fix it.

All SQL errors are directed towards the back up table.

You could try removing the includes/plugin_backup/ folder (or quicker is to just rename it to includes/plugin_backup_OLD/).

Then you can manually remove the ucm_backup database table.

This should disable the backup feature all together.

I’m still getting a white screen on the upgrade link. Now just with license information that’s not too pretty.

Also a lot of my pages are missing the styles. I think this is a hands on problem that needs to be fixed.

No probs, feel free to send through a support ticket and we can fix it up asap from here:

Created a ticket – need it done asap. Having important jobs coming up tomorrow.

Thanks. All sorted. You were part of the unlucky few who received the “broken” update. I uploaded the correct metis_functions.php file and you can now do the upgrade to receive all the other fixes.

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WP Jack of TradesDataBase Errors after Latest Update