Database backup button

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Hi ,

a database backup button will be really great !!!

thanks for your preciuos job 🙂

Actually I would like this to be part of the Cron Job… Automatic Database Backup…

and, stating the obvious, include a ‘Restore from Backup’ button.

Guys honestly as long as it takes dtbaker to go get some MUCH higher priority items, you are better off getting a package that is already designed for database backup.  His time is better spent on fixing bugs which currnetly is taking quite a bit of time.

Here is the package we chose…

Will the plugin above work if I backup all UCM files then restore if I’m changing hosting providers?

It should work just fine for backing up all the files… I use it everyday to backup UCM!

I also run a service with my company that backs up both websites and MySQL databases (and restores them….It has been tested an works well with UCM. Just thought I would offer it if anyone is interested:

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kenjiddDatabase backup button