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AdminLTE is an awesome addition to UCM. For those of you using it, I have what are probably simple questions about customizing.

I noticed that it created a separate folder ‘plugin_theme_adminlte.’ I copied the contents to ‘includes/plugin_theme/themes/customAdminLTE‘ so I can make changes that aren’t affected by upgrades.

My questions are

– Why does AdminLTE have it’s own plugin folder?

– Is what I did still the right way to customize? If not, what should be done for AdminLTE?

Thanks to anyone that knows this better than I do!

New theme folder just makes it easier to do updates behind the scenes, rather than have them all in the themes folder.

Duplicate the folder into includes/plugin_theme_adminltecustom/ then do a find on “adminlte” and change to “adminltecustom”

Please can you explain a bit clearer? I need to duplicate the AdminLTE so I can do some custom work on the theme.

I am a bit confused about how to do it, can someone explain it a bit more in depth please?

In your includes folder find the plugin_theme_adminlte and make a copy of it calling it something different (example: plugin_theme_customtheme). Then you need to do a “find and replace” in your new custom theme folder and find all references to “adminlte” and replace them with your new theme name (example “customtheme”). Hopefully that helps (it basically is reworded of what dtbaker said above).

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