Customers word when customer is logged in

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i believe that from the admin point of view, this is correct , your list should be called Customer.
But when a customer is logged in, then he sees the same thing Customers in the left

i believe that for them that area should be called my account, or something similar.

Not really important, but still counts towards usability

This is a good idea.

I recommend moving (or reposting) to the feature request forum so people can vote on it there.

Just to point out that “Contacts” (i.e. 1 single email address) can be linked to more than one customer. In this instance you could be logged in and have access to more than 1 customer so “Customers” is still relevant.

Go to Settings > Language and create a new language called something like “ec” (English Customer). Then translate the word “Customer” to “My Account”.
Then go to the customer contact page and change their language from “en” to “ec”

Then they should see “My Account” instead of “Customer”.

Repeat for any other words.

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Daniel CCustomers word when customer is logged in