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On the Customer Information Page (Customer > Customer Name), there is a “module” for Subscriptions & Payments, which is awesome. However, I need this to expand to more functionality.

For example, I have a client who has multiple websites which requires multiple subscriptions of the same subscription, one per website.

So I need Subscriptions to be able to have multiple iterations with the ability to apply a website and job to it. So the section would break down to something like the following:

□ Subscription 1 – $10.00 Every 1 months
□ Subscription 2 – $20.00 Every 1 months
□ Subscription 3 – $30.00 Every 1 months
□ (<- Remove button) Subscription 1 – $10.00 Every 1 months starting from [date input] [website dropdown] [job dropdown]

Does this make sense?

Personally, I think the recurring items process ( is a bit convoluted. Maybe an auto-renewal option can be added whereby the job just auto renews and invoices are automatically sent. Then if payment is not made in X days, job cancels automatically or something.

This would be seriously handy if the functionality was expanded as per wpsmith’s post. Nice idea!

Subscriptions have now been added to websites.

And how disable subscriptions from client and just keep on website?

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