Customer Self Registration

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Would definitely love to see a feature where new customers can register themselves and submit a job request without our staff having to make an account for them,

the benefit being the customer can get instant access and submit a request on there time,and saves our staff one extra step for having to collect and send the customer there account details, this would be a seamless integration and a natural step in the right direction for this robust system.

There is a basic customer registration process in UCM Pro (Settings>Signup) – please try this out and see how it goes. I don’t think it lets the customer login automatically just yet.

i wanted that option customer sud be able create account and log in to account pannel.. and that account can be change anything from admin panel which it is now..

customer can register (good) but they cannot log in till admin set it up..

i need that to work auto log in… without admin to set up

What is the URL for customer registration? Why is there not a link to register on the login page, along with “forgot password”? This makes no sense to me – customer registration is enabled in the menu.

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