Customer Records, Only have record Owner VIew, Edit, Delete

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I would really like to see a feature were only the Record Owner can see the Customer Records, or somehow filter so others can’t see all the records like Customers, Jobs, Websites, etc.

Does the feature in Settings > User Roles called “Customer Data Access” work?

OMG, I’m going to go look now but if you guys do this, you just saved me a ton of hassle…

I went and looked and couldn’t find this feature!!!

We are working on making these permissions display better, you may have to log in as a “customer” before they display. It should look like this after you login as a “customer”:

(see on the right hand side, the drop down with “Customer Data Access”)

Man, this system is so powerful.. It is going to take a bit for me to learn the entire system..  Once we get familiar we can offer up some new stuff we had in our own app..

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