Customer Not Getting Emails... Help.

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I’m not exactly sure how customers are supposed to be getting emails…

I’ve added some of my customers into the customer section and added contacts including email addresses for the respective customers..  They are not getting the welcome email… And if I add a password to their account so they have access to backend they are not getting an email with a password..?

How is this feature supposed to work? Am I supposed to tell my existing clients to go to my website to signup? And even then there is not automated email to then about their password. Seems like this part is lacking a bit.  I am not sure how my existing clients are supposed to be getting these ‘template’ emails if they don’t sign up…

A little direction would be great! Thank you.

Also…. I just tried adding a custom email template to notify customers about their password  since I’m not sure if the system is automatically supposed to send it to them. I saved the template then went to my customers and select email and there is no option to email them using the template I just created.

hi, first of all, be sure your smtp settings are ok so all emails are sent correctly 🙂

My advice for you is

1 to bulk import or create your customers and add some custom fields for them, such as password.

2 assign to your customers to a group such as “welcome” or whatever

3 create a simple newsletter template (where you can add custom fields, so you can make their password appear in the email)

4 test run it 🙂

5 bulk send a newsletter to your customers

Check the wiki here



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sowerswebtechCustomer Not Getting Emails… Help.