Custom Script Integration. Awesome!!!

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Hey, just wanted to put this out there and see if anybody would be interested. We have released a security script that is most useful is you are a developer/designer who doesnt want your work to be stolen. The main feature of this is a license manager…Your client purchases a license and enters it into their site for it to go online.. If they dont pay their bill that month you can easily just de activate their site or even set it up to expire after an amount of time.. There is a lot of features and info on this that I wont go into here.. you can check it out at

Now the main reason for posting is that I am a UCM user and think this would be a great addition to the system. I will upload a screenshot of what I am thinking.. but if anybody is interested in something like this integrated into UCM let me know.

Hello devsmi,
your script looks very nice!
the problem as i see is the cost. i think you need to add “one time payment” because i know more scripts that give the same solution as yours, and they give one time payment for use the system all the time you want. the monthly cost become expensive in my opinion.

and i think integrated into UCM will be great!

Good Luck.

I agree – if it was an optional plugin for UCM with a one time fee I would be interested, but I try to stay away from monthly fees for software/etc. that basically locks me into them for life if i want to use their software/start using it with my clients.

Thanks for your input guys. We have updated the trial plan which is free for 4 months. That is to give you an idea of what the system can do. We are looking for people to twst before we do any integrating with ucm.

To be honest if you are a busy developer then even tho theres a monthly fee it could save you money and hard work..either way we are looking at other options to make it more affordable. Currently a subscription is the obky way since its on the cloud..we are hosting the system and taking all the server reauests.. wr will look into a lite self hosted version

Did you guys manage to create an account? I would love to help ya get setup so you can test the power of the system. Its very easy but I believe we forgot to add the documentation to the site. So if your interested let me know and ill help ya out quick. pretty simple

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devsmiCustom Script Integration. Awesome!!!