Custom field improvement

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We can creat custom field and it is a great feature.. But.. those are only for consulting them.
It would be great if we can tick a “searchable” option for custom field

see screen example below :

That would be a great feature and i think it will be very helpfull for all thoses manages datas from several databases .

PS. It is almost impossible to update the french translation without starting again from scratch as the language file has changed . If you can provide a file that includes all strings that need to be translated, i’d be glad to update my previous translation.

Keep up the good work..

This new feature shouldn’t be too hard to implement. If you would like it quickly please feel free to purchase a priority support ticket and we can reply there when it’s completed. Thanks, dtbaker

Priority support has been purchased and sended to you.


Custom Field searching is now available for ‘Customer’ extra fields. The other ones (Jobs, Invoices, etc..) will come soon.

Simply amazing work.
Just upgraded and worked like a charm.

This is a feature I’ve been looking forward to as well for Project, fortunately it seems to work for extra fields on “Project” too, don’t know if this was intentional as it wasn’t mentioned above but works great 🙂 . Although the popup does not seem to be localized right now so still prints as “website” for me.

Really great work 🙂

Yep we’ll translate ‘website’ and make the search options appear at the top of the website/project page (in the search bar with the other fields) in the next update.

Yes it should work for all extra fields in the ‘Quick Search’ area. Just ‘Customers’ has it in the customer search bar for now.

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UCM-TEVOCustom field improvement