Custom Data/Forms or Custom Forms Module

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Not sure if this could be done with Custom Data or if it would have to be a separate Custom Forms module, but the ability to create and add forms for staff or customers to fill out and submit would be great! It would be similar to tickets , though it would be an auto submission of the form (no replies back and forth). But it would be a great tool for updates/etc and can add even more versatility to UCM. When creating a form we should be able to select the group of users it applies to, main or customer tab, and when submitted who should form go to (project contact, specific account, group of users, etc.).

Like Custom Data, this would be a huge versatile tool that can have so many unique possibilities!

Typical form fields: text, textarea, list/select, date picker, file upload, checkbox, radial, etc. Should be part of it.

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savioCustom Data/Forms or Custom Forms Module