Custom Data Update request

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Some Custom Data Update requests

1. Currently you can add Custom Data Forms to the main menu (which I like), but any entry is seen by all customers. I would prefer having the Custom Data Form in the main menu, but restrict the data entries to only the customer who added it.

2. Have an alert show on the admin side when a new entry is added, and maybe you could turn the alert off once its been clicked on by the admin.

3. Be able to add Field descriptions or perhaps field tool tips

4. Choose a directory to upload files to and be able to restrict certain file types.

Anybody else see a need for this?
If you can restrict the data entries to the customer who adds it, and notify the admin when new data entries are added, you would have a built in quote form function.

this seems like it would be a cool update to Custom Data…while I don’t have a specific need just yet for something like that, I am sure I would find a use for it as I am always discovering new ways of using the Custom Data and more options=more possibilities 🙂

I like this idea. +1

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creativegamutCustom Data Update request