Custom Data plugin request

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Can or will this feature be accessible to the signup module.

New customers can add profile information automatically when signing up.

Yes we plan on integrating parts of the custom data plugin with the Customer Signup feature, as well as having their own individual “signup” forms for each data set (if that makes sense)

Thanks so much for a great update! I have already used it to create a notes section as well as a handy call log for the customers!!

Couple of hopeful addins – as a data type, could you add in a Date picker (with a default of Today) with the different field types you have available? That would be great help for the Call Logs and other things we can create.

Same, too, if you can create a Time Picker – great for appointments/etc.

I know that these can both be manual with just a text area, but to have these as options will give even more versatility to it.

Also, very minor, if we can upload our an icon so that it is not blank in the menu with all the other ones, that would be nice.

Thanks again, it is a great addition!

Also, is it possible to link data areas to parts in a customer profile if it is a customer linked data form?

What I am thinking is that for the call log I have a data area labeled “Call Back Number”, and as a default I would like to use {Mobile} and have it automatically populate the Mobile number from the Customer’s profile. It doesn’t seem to be set up to do this, but could this be a future integration?

Yes it might be possible to load some defaults in from the linked customer. Using the same fields that are available to the Invoice PDF Template.

If you add a ‘date’ with a default value of NOW it should bring up todays date. We did have a date and time picker originally but I had to remove it because it was buggy. I’ll try to add it back in shortly.

Icons are now available for Custom Data. List of available icons here:

Thank you so much! one thing to clarify – in the UCM take out the fa- at the beginning of the file name for it to work… example: the phone icon is listed as “fa-phone”, in UCM just put “phone”.

Thanks for the update! Though minor, it really makes the UCM look more uniformed and better!

Yup it adds the ‘fa-‘ part, so just ‘phone’

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