Custom Data bugs and suggestions

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1. fontawesome have add new icons. when you try to put some of the new icons(name) it want be show. (please update the fontawesome css)
2. when you trying to resize the wysiwyg editor after you have add to Custom Data and switch to visual editor it want work. no matter how you will resize him the wysiwyg editor will be on full width.
3. after the update, when you select the “Type” in the Custom Data you have deleted by mistake from the list “wysiwyg” “date” etc…

suggestions – must have!
* help section in every field. we need to have the ability to write near every field what we want from user or stuff to fill in the field. in can work by text near evrey filed or by tooltip.

Fields – must have!

1. Number field (only Numbers)
2. Url field (like in the website entity. so you can click on the link and it will open in the new window)
3. Dynamic Data (lookup field – will allow you to select from every entity. like: website,jobs,Quotes etc… as much as possible)
4. users field
5. stuff field (to assign to some stuff)
6. sub drop menu (will work based on the first selection)
7. image field (will allow you to select from all the images you have upload to ucm. or upload from pc or external link.) but here the image need to be shown and not the link.
8. video field (upload video or embed video) also here need to show the video and not the link.

I’m sure after all this upgrades “Custom Data” will allow to every business create all what he need without coding this will boost ucm to another level and being much more clients.

Another bug
you don’t have any option to resize the drop down menu width in “visual editor”.
it make the drop down menu look ugly when the one after another (because one bigger and the other smaller).

and another big suggestion
today all the Custom Data working in one column. the problem is when you have many fields and many sections with fields. it became ugly and not user friendly. and also the design with one column is not the best solution.

* the solution is to allow in the “visual editor” create 2 columns and to drag and drop all the fields as we want.

Another bug
when you create new “Custom Data” and write in the name field something like: U&P the system will add html tag “amp;” after you will click on the save. so the name will looks like: U&’amp;’P.


Another bug
the same resize problem in the “encrypted” field in “visual editor”.

and another suggestion
after we created new “Custom Data” we start creating “Data Fieldset”. then we creating all the fields we need. but if you want get back to see all “Data Fieldset” you dont have any “back button”.
i think we need back to “all Data Fieldset” and another button “back to all “Custom Data”


Another bugs

1. when you create “select” field and put all the option in the attributes, there is “Other” option which allow us to create new option that is not in the select options. this thing working in “radio buttons” but not at the select field.

2. where we enter to some “Custom Data” and want to see all the the info we have insert to the fields and make this field be shown in the “main listing” all the “select” options shows the selected “id” and not the “name”

please fix all this bugs asap!


Thanks for all this great feedback on the Custom Data feature.

We will work through these the next time we update Custom Data.

Hi dtbaker,
great to hear you love my deep QA.

waiting for update for the bugs fixed and all the new features 🙂


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