Cron.php issue

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I have tried hard to make that cron job work; yet I keepĀ receivingĀ error messages (sent to me via email from the server) like: “/var/www/vhosts/**my-domain-here**/httpdocs/clients/cron.php: No such file or directory“. I also checked the permissions on cron.php and it is 644. Is that the problem?- I wonder… I tried changing persmissions on the file but I’m not allowed to. I really don’t know why this happens. I have made sure I have the correct settings on the Scheduled Tasks on my server.

Could you help me with that please? Thank you in advance!


Please send this to the hosting provider:

“Hello, I am trying to schedule the file “clients/cron.php” to run in the scheduled tasks section of plesk, however I am receiving the error “No such file or directory”. Could you please help me setup this cron job so that cron.php runs every 10 minutes?”

Funnily, looking for a solution to this, as I am getting::

/home/ Permission denied

was wondering if it is either a permissions issue, as UCM is set to www | www, whereas my server will be set to myuserID | www

this was a previous problem, perhaps this is the issue here again – will follow up with hosting company, but assume its a permissions issue

can you please advise further?

with thanks

A “Permission denied” issue generally means the “php” part may be missing from the start of the cron command.


/usr/bin/php /home/

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