Credit question/problem? Bug?

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When a client over pays an invoice, the amount left over is transfered to the credit field under the advanced section of the customer page. Great, that works. However how do you apply that credit now on the next invoice? Do I use “assigning credit” or “credit”. I’ve used both and that number under the advance section neither goes up or down. No change. Is this a manual process still? It would be nice if before the subscription invoice is auto emailed that it checks for a credit and applies the to the invoice as amount paid prior to leaving via email. So essentially if you have an invoice for $25.00 and the client has a credit amount for 20.00 that is will apply the credit and invoice the remaining amount. Also for the reverse, if the invoice is $20.00 and the credit remaining is 25.00 then the invoice will go out with a paid of 20.00, and the credit amount is adjusted to 5.00 remaining.

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I’m still seeing this problem. I can assign the credit if the client over pays the invoice, but I cannot get the system to take from the credit when the next invoice is due. I have to keep going back to the client page and updating how much credit remains.

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bythebyteCredit question/problem? Bug?