Creating an Invoice

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I am sorry if this has been covered but I need to figure out how to send an invoice as easy as possible.

I just want to call a Lead, if he’s interested convert to a Customer and send an invoice to be paid via Paypal.

Can this be done without using jobs/tasks?

Would someone please outline these steps for me?

Thank you in advance.

You do have to create a job for the invoice. But that part is pretty simple. If it is specific to the customer you can type something unique in the “tasks” and hit save and send the invoice. Since it is tied into the finance module, to my knowledge you need to create a job/task for whatever you want invoiced (which makes sense as you are invoicing for some type of job/task/product). I hope this helps!

Perhaps a faster route for u is under the “invoices tab” click “new manual invoice” in the upper right corner and you can fill out the info and send (you technically are still listing tasks for this, but this might be faster).

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jharriCreating an Invoice