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I’m trying to use the support ticket feature for all communication with my clients.

1 thing I think would be handy is if a customer requests and edit or addition to their website via support ticket, that I would be able to create a JOB and tasks from this support ticket.

What do you guys think?

Yep this is a possibility. Everyone keep voting if you like this feature.

That could be beneficial ๐Ÿ™‚ it has my vote.

It is now possible to create a “Quote” from a support ticket, and once the Quote is approved, you can convert that into a Job.

Check it out here:

This is a super useful option and wanted to give my $.02. I have been using a workaround for some time where I create an extra field to link jobs (in tickets area) and tickets (in jobs area) in the details. To make it easy, I would put the URL of the job/ticket in the field and then UCM can open just by clicking open. It looks like this:

The linking quote is great but I feel that it would still be as useful or maybe more to be able to link jobs and tickets directly as well. We have many customers that don’t require a quote for every job and we would rather just create a job directly and link to it.

Not sure if that’s possible but wanted to explain the rationale. Most beneficial would be to link either quote or job or both if possible.

*Edit – Thank you for implementing the linking option, much appreciated!

Yep I’m working on creating an update to Jobs (and Invoices) that will have the same “Ticket” drop down as Quotes. Coming soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s been 9 months since your comment above of having the “Ticket” drop down on the Jobs screen. I don’t see it, are you still working on this?

Is this ever going to be implemented? I REALLY need this. Most of my clients do not require a quote before I complete their job, so being able to create a new job, from an incoming support ticket would be great.

>>>Yep Iโ€™m working on creating an update to Jobs (and Invoices) that will have the same โ€œTicketโ€ drop down as ?>>>Quotes. Coming soon!

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