Core system taking slow loading

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Core system taking long loading the clients from the database i have 1k clients in database and it takes a couple of seconds it aint my Cloud VPS since it wont even use half of my server resources.

Has anybody experienced this error lately?

I was beginning to think I was the only one experiencing slowness on start-up and other dashboard enquiries like customers and jobs.

I now get several complaints from my clients every month on the slowness so I waited until boxing day to try out their data.

Because one of them has 12 users and the other 3 users it cannot be the number of users online at anyone time.

First I did a SQL dump of their data, deleted their database and then re-installed the data remembering to change the config files and the problem still exists.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so have you cracked it?

Would turning on SQL Query Cache help and if so what effect will this have on the existing code?

Fingers crossed someone has a resolution…..


If you don’t mind debugging a little bit then you can edit the includes/debug.php file and change DEBUG_MODE from false to true

Then go to a slow page and click the debug option at top left. This shows what tasks the longest.

Once debug mode is enabled please send through a support ticket and we can investigate this debug output for you to find the slow spot.


Thanks. Will do as soon as Client finishes work for the day.

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smoraCore system taking slow loading