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A contract generator will be a great feature for any business on any industry; as most companies need to generate a written agreement/contract/proposals for their clients.

Doing this would be fairly simple, as it will use the same features UCM already has (template creation, placeholders, and pdf generation)

The only difference will be, instead of creating an email template, there will be a new section called “Contracts”. Here it is explained:

1. Ability to create and edit contract templates (the same way as email templates)
2. Ability to insert placeholders with custom info on the system
3. Ability to link it to a customer, so it shows next to their invoices, quotes, etc
4. Ability to export to PDF (if possible to MS Word)
5. Ability for admin/client to mark as completed or being revised (similar to quotes)

Overall this will allow us to once the invoice is paid, simple click a button and generate the custom contract for the client in seconds, since their personal info product info would be auto-filled.

Best regards;

This is a great feature request and i feel this is one section that is sorely needed. But i would offer a couple of notes on this request.

If you are going to with this option, i would love to see the ability to store the contract in a central place that is tied to each job. This way both the client and you can see this contract at anytime.

An alternative tho would be to have the template system as you mention above with the ability to output all job tasks and prices within it (this may be possible already with templates and i just haven’t looked into it). But the user would have the ability to approve the contract online, similar to the approval of a quote. Also maybe a notes section along with it to track any conversation that is specific to the contract.

I do know in the United States a valid legal contract has to be signed by both parties…so it would need more than just an “approval”, it would have to have some type of electronic signature support in order for it to be something that could be used as a contract in the United States…without that, it wouldn’t be of much help.

Savio I agree with your point. If this can be implemented would be awesome. However even by just having a Contract Generator (no online signatures) would save a lot of time, due to the integration with client’s info. There wouldn’t be a need to do it in Word and copy and paste all client information.

+1, very good idea 🙂


I’m pretty sure that you don’t have to have an electronic signature for it to be valid. If that were the case, there would be plenty of “Terms of Service Agreements” that i have clicked the “I agree” box to, that are not legally valid. A company like Apple, or Google would not make that mistake and they both offer similar legally enforceable agreements.

If you go by that logic, then we should strip out the ability for clients to approve quotes online.

However, i’m not saying that it is by any means a requirement, just having a way of distributing and storing the contract would be great. What i’m really getting at, is if it is going to be online in this system, why not go the extra mile and make it that easy to use. Sounds almost a little counter-intuitive to be able to have this online system, print out the agreement on paper, have everyone sign it, scan it, then upload it back to the system? Anyways, just my few thoughts. Whatever is decided i think this feature would be great.

Thanks for the feedback…I looked into it a bit more and the “Terms of Agreement”/etc. do work – they are just not as strong as an actual signature or electronic signature – especially in a court. It would be great to incorporate a form of electronic signature (adobe has a version) and it doesn’t require printing, signing, and scanning, it is just an identity verification and it would add an extra amount of strength to it – especially for something that is a job related contract. I might be overly cautious but I am speaking from the vantage of needing to invoke a contract legally (wish I don’t wish on any of us).

An article that talks about different forms can be found here for those interested:

It does mention the “Terms of Agreement”, but again, it just isn’t as “strong” in a courts eyes – it doesn’t mean that it is not binding, it just isn’t as strong of a statement as a signature of some sort (hand signed or electronic).

I understand the thought about quote approval or design approval – but a quote approval would be a step before the actual contract – saying yes go ahead and write me a contract – technically the contract is the final say in the job…since the design approval is part of an existing contract – it doesn’t need as strong of a statement of agreement (like a signature), as the major/overarching agreement is the contract.

In terms of the integration with the clients info – there is already a registration form built in that the client can fill out that will allow their info to automatically be added to UCM – not sure Robertfuture if you were aware of that?

Anyhow – thanks for the feedback – it would be a great feature, I would just feel a lot safer if it had some form of electronic signature with it.

I don’t mean to keep beating a dead horse with this topic, but the click “I agree” is what is called a click wrap contract, and is slightly different than the type of contracts we are talking about. This company has a cool way of signing online, something like this would be awesome (even maybe as an add-on plugin unless it can be created).

Integrate this… and track back from the signers email as well as ip address for an audit trail… If that doesn’t hold up in court then not sure what would…

Hi Savio:

“there is already a registration form built in that the client can fill out that will allow their info to automatically be added to UCM” – I didn’t know this and I’ve always wanted this to put a registration form on my site. Where can I find this?

If you go to Settings/Sign up you can find the embed code with the form 🙂

If someone know php I think he could implement this function in Custom Data.

he only need a customer/invoice link and a PDF button to generate PDF. That could also be useful to other people (like me :-)) who need to style, print and link personalized custom data!

This feature would be great! (together with a basic workflows system)

Any comments from the developer?

I would like this feature to be able to also be sent out as planning guides as well so if a customer calls up for more information I can send out a planning guide via an edible pdf that has a contract in there and the planning guide the customer can fill out and send back in to us so we can attach it in there account it would be cool if we can do different planning guides so if the customer purchases multiple services we can send out multiple or different contracts and planners and when the customer has finished filling out the edible pdf they can hit submit and it sends it back into ucm and attaches it to their account

I absolutely agree with this feature


the signature in ADDITION. No, it isn’t necessary but it would add a great functionality to the agreement.

Any thoughts on the Author?

HelloSign is one of the better tools (though lacking in their mobile App area) that accomplishes this and they have an API as well. Might help save time, only thing to worry about mainly is permissions maybe.

@creative, wouldn’t you agree that defeats the whole purpose of this plugin? I’d personally say. For that matter, we would use the many options out there that includes many of the features UCM offers. I can’t speak for others of course, but I’d say that we’re looking to add functionality within the UCM itself and not a third party trying to monetize through UCM. Yes, there’s a “free” version but limited. Those who use UCM, use it without restrictions and without having to be bound by a company’s fees and/or policies, etc.

There’s nothing wrong with using a paid service, we ALL do that but UCM so far has been self-sufficient and autocratic.

There are options on Codecanyon that do this – I own one and does a great job! In fact, is fantastic and without the monthly fees but more importantly, the control that this kind of option allows. I would firmly say that we all would like to use it natively from and through UCM. Perhaps I may be alone here or not rather – I humbly throw in my 2cents in the bucket.


@gioglifx – valid point, but we can look at this many ways:

1. How badly/quickly do we need the feature (I’ll assume we’re all having documents signed often) to help our
businesses. I know I need it a lot – so I’d surely we willing to put money towards this.
2. I’m going to guess the developer of UCM is usually very busy. With every feature added, that’s a potential issue
that may arise around that (I guess even using third party products as well).
3. HelloSign (which is what I use most and found it most effective – not saying its the holy grail) already has
this built out since that’s their business focus. So technically it’s one less thing or a bit less strain for
the developer of this platform. Yes, they’ll monetize from us if this route is taken (if you go over that free
quota) – but honestly the cost isn’t that bad and if you can’t afford then maybe you’re in the wrong business
(my personal opinion).

Would be happy to see your product, I’ve used add-ons by others with no problem at all. Maybe yours can be my next 🙂

Thanks for your input creative. Wow, you almost sound like a salesperson for the company using the old IBM BANT – addressing Budget, Authority (though not in this case), Need and Time.

That almost sounds like a sales pitch. 🙂 LOL..

No, but really I wouldn’t want it to become a “war” on points though yours are valid as well. The point of monetary capacity is not an issue and those that only operate on price and rather not on the value that helps them or if they have a business can’t invest for return.


Yes, paid options are always there and I think we all use services everyday without batting an eye. But, if that was the core use of UCM [I would imagine] that the very people that bought UCM would have easily have taken the approach you suggested: to use services from companies for the same features that UCM offers. How about SalesForce? There are SO MANY CRM paid monthly services available that would negate the notion of even creating a system like UCM. Wouldn’t you agree?

So you see, I humbly hope that you can see from which light I’m viewing UCM. Putting it roughly, it’s not about being cheap but about the functionality and core idea of the product – UCM.

It HAS been a long time since this was suggested and I 1+ it but hasn’t grown wings. And to be fair, at the very LEAST, your suggestion is something in motion. IF UCM would go the route of using monthly services, I would abandon it in a heartbeat and switch to those paid services and gladly pay for them. I gladly use UCM for my own company for the obvious value it brings and the flexibility it offers for new “attachments” the developer introduces via Envato.


As far as me being in the “wrong business”, your suggestion is noted.

Yes, the developer is busy but not if there’s a demand. That’s the idea behind this section for creating demand and prioritizing. I would gladly contribute, but if everyone or at least most would as well. So, if you did mean what you suggested to me about the money and EVERYTHING that you said to me about:

How bad do YOU need it? I ONLY ask because you mention that & make it a point. 😉
Since cost isn’t that bad, would you consider to start the contribution here?
If you do start that contribution, would you stick to your suggestions and make it a substantial since the same cost that you would [invest] in HelloSign and drive it towards this?

Now THAT would really make more business sense to both the people here and more importantly to the developer to give an incentive for his priorities.


That’s quite funny gioglifx…I figured it would sound sales-ish *sigh* ….I work with mainly small businesses and usually have to create solutions (as I’m sure most of us do)…look at pro/cons etc etc…At the end of the day we’re all in sales…it’s inevitable…lol.

While on the point of something like SalesForce, it comes down to cost/pricing model UCM is affordable and perfect for a small business (well for me anyway). In addition I like simplicity and from time to time work with contracted individuals and feel like the learning curve on UCM is straightforward enough as well.

Back to the topic at hand…keep in mind I’m not stuck on HelloSign…I was just saying it’s what I use right now….I’m always open to anything that can save me/my business money, everything adds up. Like I said I would surely make a contribution if there was a ballpark cost to have it done – I consider myself as not necessarily needing it badly but would be willing to pay to see possibilities.

Hopefully our long conversations gets this request some attention…lol…

P.S. don’t take it to heart in terms of “being in the wrong business” – was targeted towards you….was more like a being a mechanic but always borrowing someone else’s tools. What works for me may not for you.

I kindly extend my hand to shake, well said Sir!

I hope that too..

Warm regards.

typo: I meant that it “was not” targeted to you… and likewise @ handshake…lets see what becomes of this.

Yeap, I figured that. Thanks. It has been exactly a year since this topic was started, perhaps it got “pushed” down and doesn’t have the proper visibility for others to at least consider it. I wonder if there’s a way to expose it for popularity.


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