Contact Being part of multiple Customers?

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Is it possible to have a contact be part of more than one customer? When I am Creating a new Customer, I wanted the contact to be a current contact, I selected the “More” option next to the Primary Contact, which opened up my Contacts (assuming from there I could just select a current Contact). Instead, it just opened that Contact and took me away from the Customer I was Creating.

In the case I am working on right now, I have two contacts who have their own “customer” job, but they are working together on a project and would need access to that project, while still being able to see their separate projects as well.

I figured out how to add the multiple contacts to a customer (after it is created go to the customer > Contacts > Add New Contact), however, it looks like I have to create a new contact (I can’t pick a current contact), which would result in the contact getting two different UCM accounts – is this correct? Can I add an existing contact(s) to a Customer?

Thank you!

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savioContact Being part of multiple Customers?