config_cron.php reported as infected

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I had a problem today with upgrade when it said that config_cron.php was not writable all of the sudden, after running cpanel virus scanner it reported this file as being infected.


I checked the file, it has no malicious code. It seems that some function is being reported as malicious. Has anyone seeing this happen before?

hello v1ktor,

did you get an answer to this? I was looking around and it seems that the directive register_globals turned “On” is a high security risk. It seems that the CRON job won’t allow to work until the globals are on..

I’m very interested if you found an answer as I just purchased this and cannot get the CRON job to work without turning the globals on. Also, I’m using PHP 5.4 which globals are deprecated, blah!! Meaning that either I step down on PHP 3 or not use UCM.

Thanks in advance.

UCM will work fine on 5.4 without register globals.

Sometimes the cron command needs a special version, such as /usr/bin/php5 instead of just /usr/bin/php

Please check with the hosting provider as to what the error message is. You’re welcome to send through an email support ticket with some temp login details and we can check it out too.

Thank you dtbaker, I’ll give that a try.. 😉
Thanks for your answer.

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v1ktorconfig_cron.php reported as infected