Complete vendor section with invoice and payment status

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Hi, I’m using UCM for a year and has become the heart of the management of my company.
We are a software house and have recommended and installed UCM at many customers.
There is a feature ever implemented in the Vendor which would complete the software without the need to use other third-party sofware: missing the part of the invoices attached to the finance system, so you can track invoices of Vendors and their deadlines, to centralize information on the costs and attach the scanned files of Vendor invoices.
I know that Finance is the ability to add outgoing payments, but there is the possibility to connect them to the vendors, not a useful feature, because I’ll never know which bills are to be paid and to whom vendor.

I think at the software level is not a big change because the system of customer invoices is perfect, lacking only the file to be attached to the invoice posted and the correct calculation in finance.

I agree, I think development on the vendor functionality is important. Being able to raise purchase orders and and import vendor invoices. In addition having the finance functionality show income and outgoings.

Would this be a possible development?

As a temporary fix, since we can now create multiple customer types, you can create “Vendors” as a customer type and use the invoices/etc of UCM.

A basic vendors feature is planned (where you can track staff and vendor expenses). Hopefully we have something soon.

Do you have some ideas about when this feature are available?


I’m curious if you could elaborate on your temporary fix idea? I get that we could create the vendor customer type but how would you think about using invoices, etc in a vendor situation? I’m in brainstorming mode these days, trying to figure out how to do a bit more vendor and inventory management than is currently capable in UCM.

I’ve often wondered if the customers module could be replicated into a vendor module and then tweaked a little bit because vendor management has a lot of parallels to customer management. I know it’s not that simple but hopefully you get my drift.

I think @pcardin is attempting to create a purchase order plugin using the quotes plugin as a template. Even just successfully doing that and connecting it to the “vendor” customer type or vendors module would be a good start. Or using custom data might work… I thought I read that someone tried, I just haven’t tried myself yet.

If anyone has any thoughts, please pass them along! Thanks

Yes, struggling since day to get any possible/impossible scenario of Vendor Management to work. So badly needed.
So far I tried:
1) Use jobs module to create purchase order module. No joy, won’t work.
2) Use quote module to create purchase order module (since it has all functions what PO would need (job tasks, price calculation, tax, linking to vendor/customer, emailing and pdf). Didn’t work. 🙁
3) Use customers module to replicate and tweak to make a decent vendor module. Didn’t work either.
4) My last attempt was to create via Custom Data. Easy to create what I want but totally unusable for reasons – a)customers hook is there and works but I don’t need it; b)jobs list hook is available but for some reason doesn’t work (jobs list visible as drop-down but not showing up on listing after job is saved); c)vendors hook isn’t there and not available and I don’t know how to create one/ is it even possible to create. On top of that, none of the hooks feed anything back to other modules (i.e. using customer hook does not feed data back to Customers profile); d)managed to build nice PO PDF template + email only to find out that email does not attach PDF (like for Quotes or Invoices), so again pretty useless.

I don’t know really what else to try, how to make it work. For some reason Developers seem to choose to ignore all requests related to Purchase Order/Vendor management either. Is there a business that doesn’t require Vendor/Purchase order management?

@asavings sorry for my delay in response. My “temporary fix” is def in no way a full solution, it really is a way to add more info into a vendor.

Basically add a new customer category called vendor/Etc and you can at least associate it with a job/order. You would need to duplicate jobs and create negative invoices – this might be more hassle than what it is worth.

mentioned they were working on a module, and I know they mentioned they were rewriting the invoicing module (my guess is they might be connected), so as painful as it might be, we might have to hold tight. In the mean time, you could use existing vendors and extra fields to maybe help, or as suggested, a custom data set.

Thanks for the reply Savio. I was messing around with this today and came up with a couple ideas to add to this workaround. Please forgive me if they are not totally thought through yet…

1. I went in to quotes plugin and renamed “Quote” to Quote/Estimate/Purchase Order. See image. Made it look like you can do quotes or POs there. Problem is that updates to quotes plugin will wipe out the modification I think.

2. I modified the quote_pdf template to adjust to what I am doing, quote or PO for example. I used the {TYPE} AND {QUOTE_GROUP} tags where needed and came up with the PDF shot you see in image below. Both do the job of making the PDF either a quote or PO.

At least with these and other mods, we could actually have a decent workflow for POs, especially since we could convert the QuotePO into a job and invoice easily.

Def sounds like a nice work around. You might want to create different quote templates: “quote_print_po”, “quote_print_quote”, etc. so that you can style them differently and then select the right one for the task.

That would be another way to have the two different PDFs – especially if you needed certain language on them for the specific use (like having a quote expiration date or PO terms).

Is that possible with quotes? I know we can choose the PDF template from the invoice screen but I don’t see that on the quote screen. The only way I know to change the quote template is in advanced settings.

When I replicate QUOTES module everything seems to appear fine, it installs OK, shows no errors, except when I tried to add new Purchase Order I get that cluttered screen, like there would be a CSS problem or something. I can see all fields except TASK fields. If I just type in name of Purchase order and chose Vendor and save it, it does come up on Purchase Orders list and also nicely showing up in Vendors profile. Any suggestions?

Any ideas, help, directions what needs to be amended, adjusted, fixed or changed to prevent Purchase Order view to be clustered like in third picture? Why tasks are not displaying?

Hey, we’re currently working on a basic purchase order feature. It’s very involved and will tie in with the recently released “Product Inventory” feature.

Modifying any of the jobs/quotes/invoices modules isn’t really easy. They all rely on each other.

The existing Vendors feature will be removed and merged into the existing “Customer” feature. Purchase order and vendor expenses etc.. will be linked under the parent Customer feature so we can make use of certain things better.

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lucavignaliComplete vendor section with invoice and payment status